Alien Project

Meet Unknown, an alien from Saturn who breathes Hydrogen & Ammonia, eats metal, and has a self-heating exoskeleton to protect it from Saturn's cold temperatures.

— By Jonathan & Clayton

Meet Nelmac, an alien from Neptune who is 6,600 years old (in Earth years), eats ice, and breathes Hydrogen.

— By Akemy

Meet Ifibe (I-feeb).  It is from the planet, Mars.  It has nictitating membranes over its eyes to protect them from Mars' nasty sandstorms. It uses the Sun's radiation for energy and has gills to sort the oxygen out of the atmosphere.

— By Mar'quis

Meet Sadie Rose, a 28 year old alien from Mars.  She has stone-like skin to protect her from the Sun's radiation, breathes in Carbon Dioxide & exhales Oxygen.

— By Nashalie, Jasmin, & Antonella

Klob is a male alien from Uranus.  He is only 12 years old on his home planet, but would be 924 years old on Earth.  Gills on his hands help filter the Methane on Uranus allowing him to breathe. 

— By Cahir & Alex

Meet Shinnryako, also known as "Milkshake," a 7.4 year old alien from the planet, Venus.  He is able to breathe Carbon Dioxide and uses the Sun's radiation for energy.

— By Zurianne, Alexavier, & Braden

Meet Vrko, a Martian who is 1,692 Earth- years old.  Vrko breathes Carbon Dioxide and eats Potassium.  He has spikes for defenses and burrows underground during sandstorms.

— By Kenna

Meet Chincheleong, a female alien who eats a pudding made from Neptune's many gases.  Although she is only 4 years old on her planet, she would be 659 years old on Earth.  Her fur, leathery skin & blubber protects her from Neptune's cold temperatures.

— By Caleb & A.J.

Meet Poseidon & his best friend, the Panda.  He is from Neptune, speaks Spanish, and breathes Methane through his mouth.

— By Noemi & William

Meet Echo from Neptune.  He is able to breath Helium & Hydrogen through his lungs.  He has a metallic-skin which absorbs the Sun's radiation and keeps him insulated from the cold temperatures.

— By Aidan Y. & Nate

Meet Datrax, an alien from Mars who is both male and female.  Datrax is able to defend itself with its claws and teeth.  It breathes Carbon Dioxide through pores on its body that also release heat when the temperature drops.  It also has sensory organs on its claws with absorbent-fiber skin to protect it from the Sun's radiation.

— By Carson & Joshua

Meet Stea, a 300 year old alien from Jupiter.  Stea has lungs that filter water vapor from Jupiter's gases and stiff skin to protect from cold temperatures.  It uses its tail as a defense mechanism.

— By Ethan